What to expect when transitioning from Shampoo to Rhassoul Clay


  • Nicole

    Ladies (and gentleman),
    Check her YouTube and webpage for the answers to ALL your questions! Good luck on your hair journeys 🙏🏽

  • Latrice Bess

    Great tips. The first time I used the product I didn’t rinse it out completely and my hair was hard. Tried again the next day and much better results. I like to blow dry & curl my hair occasionally. Can I still use step 1?

  • JoAnn

    I don’t think that My hair does well with Shea butter. What would you suggest to use in place of step 2. Then does the clay work better with the Shea??

  • Yvonne Trotman

    Is Propylene Glycol harmful? Aunt Jackie’s Knot on my Watch contains this ingredient. Please respond to my email.

  • Amanda Hunter

    I heard Gwen speak about Protein treatments. How often? What is a good product to use?
    Thx, Amanda

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