What is this "1 Hour Wash Day Challenge" I keep hearing about?

Our revolutionary Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System is the first natural hair care system guaranteed to take you from wash to ready-to-style in 1 hour or less. That's where the 1 Hour Wash Day Challenge comes in. We are challenging you to get your life back on wash day. Join the countless naturals around the world who, by using our proven and guaranteed system, are now able to go from wash to ready-to-style in just 60, 40, even 25 minutes flat. Wash day doesn't have to take ALL day anymore. Click here to learn how simple our system is to use.

What's the difference between the purple and the pink labels?
The ingredients of both editions are the same. The difference is in the formulation.

The coarse hair line (purple labels) is called the Tight Curls + Coils Collection and is thicker in consistency and more dense. Generally, more coarse and kinky hair textures require deeper moisturizing and hydration, as that hair type tends to be drier than others. The thicker consistency of the Tight Curls + Coils Collection provides that much needed hydration, while allowing the hair to move and not be stiff.

The fine hair line (pink labels), on the other hand--dubbed the Medium to Loose Curls + Waves Collection -- is less dense, which prevents the "weigh down" that often occurs for fine hair textured naturals when looking for a deeply moisturizing product. Our Medium to Loose Curls + Waves Collection provides loads of hydration without weighing finer textures down.

How do I know which edition of your line is best for me?
Basically, the pink bottles are the Medium to Loose Curls + Waves Collection and is designed for fine hair. The purple bottles are our Tight Curls + Coils Collection and is designed for coarse hair. Soon, you'll be able to take our easy 3-question quiz right here on our site, which will tell you exactly which edition of our product line is best for your unique hair type.

Where can I find how to use your products besides reading the directions?
Click here to view how to use our products.

I've heard that silicones are bad. I noticed one in listed in Step 2 (Moisture Infusion Styling Crème)? What's up with that?
When it comes to silicones, we always compare them to drinking alcohol. A lot of people who aren't exactly experts or licensed chemists have given silicones a horrible name without truly providing the full story on their purpose, or how they actually affect the hair.

Silicones are like alcohol in the sense that if we both go out and grab a drink, we'll be just fine and there's nothing wrong with having one drink (unless you're pregnant or a recovering addict, of course). But if we go out and drink a whole lot, that's probably going to be a problem. Silicones provide the "slip" most of us love in our hair, along with the smoothness, sleekness, and shine we crave; chemically speaking, they also help significantly reduce the frizz that often occurs in humid temperatures. If you see one or two silicones in a product, that's okay. It's going to give you the slip without the buildup that comes from an overabundance of silicones.

If you see more than two silicones in a product, you might want to put it down; because just like going hard on the alcohol, that might not be the greatest thing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of which brand you select, your silicones should not be at the top of the ingredients list, as the most prevalent ingredients are always listed first. You want the moisturizing properties (water, glycerine, etc.) to be displayed first so that your hair is getting the maximum possible moisture; and the silicones to be near the middle or end of the list, so that you get the slip and softness without the buildup.

You'll find that our Step 2 (Moisture Infusion Styling Creme) contains only one silicone and it is near the middle of the ingredient list. Additionally, our products are designed to work as a system (although you're certainly welcome to use them separately.) Unlike other cleansers, Step 1 (our Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment) is a natural detoxifyer and clarifying treatment; and gently removes any trace of silicone. So no need to worry about anything building up on your hair.

I want to try before I buy the full size products. Where can I get samples?
While we do not have sample sizes available for sale, we are the only natural hair company to offer our unprecedented power guarantee: If you don't love our products, send them back within 60 days and we'll refund 100% of the purchase price PLUS we'll buy you competitor's product of equal or lesser price. There's no risk with us.

I am a licensed stylist and I would like to offer Naturalicious to my salon clients. Can I purchase backbar sizes and/or retail packages? Yes! We offer a full backbar package to licensed stylists, along with retail package options. Please email us for pricing and options.