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About Us


We are a company on a mission to eliminate the frustration, time and expense you have with your hair by creating easy-to-use products that turn your #WashDaystoWashMinutes.


  • How much money have you spent trying brand after brand, only to hate how they work on your hair? Hundreds, I’m sure. Possibly thousands.
  • How many hours have you wasted bringing those products home, brimming with anticipation, crossed fingers and praying hands asking Jesus to let this finally be the one brand you can count on? Then you use it, and it has you looking and feeling busted af.

  • And how frustrating is it that every time these things happen, you find out about yet another brand and the cycle starts all over again. But only if you could find just one more brand…that would solve your issues...

Until it doesn’t.


The problem isn’t that you need more products, sis. The problem is that you need more education.

Education about how to care for your hair. It’s like this: products are merely a tool...a means to the end. But if you don’t have a good foundation to begin with, those tools are never going to work.

It’s the same as diet and exercise. Hiring a personal trainer is a great tool to help you get in shape. But if you’re skipping sessions and still eating garbage at home, you can’t expect to lose 30 lbs.

It’s the same when it comes to your hair. Buying great products is an excellent tool. But if you’re still skipping key things like deep conditioning sessions, rimming off split ends completely, clarifying your hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse (as needed), etc., you can’t expect to have popping curls.

Those are just the facts.

That’s why it’s our ministry to teach you proper hair care  so that you are set up for success. And our award-winning products are the tools to help you get there – to eliminate all the irritation, frustration and disappointment you have now.

Every Thursday at 8:30pm ET, the latest episode of our live streaming show, Real Hair Revelations airs. It’s a “brand agnostic” show…meaning that the info will be 100% relevant to you, no matter what brand you choose to use. Same goes for our top-rated blog and our insanely popular insiders group, The Naturalicious Nation.

Of course, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want you to choose Naturalicious.

But no matter what you decide, know that the Naturalicious squad is here for you to help you turn your #WashDaystoWashMinutes.


We got our start when our founder and CEO, Gwen Jimmere, found herself on the brink of becoming an unemployed single mom, after suddenly getting laid off while going through a grueling divorce. To generate income, she decided to start selling the products she made in her kitchen that when combined, miraculously cut her wash and style time down from 5 hours to a mere 30 minutes!

The astonishingly simple 3 step process was enough to do the work of 12 products she had collecting dust underneath her sink. Taking the marketing skills she honed from her swanky corporate job as a Global Digital Marketing Director at Ford Motor Company, Gwen started Naturalicious and never looked back.

We’ve since become one of the nation’s fastest growing hair care companies and Gwen proudly rocks her spot in history as the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. Everybody loves Naturalicious and rounds of applause have come through from the good folks at The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Essence, Fast Company, and Buzzfeed, just to name a few.

The best part about Naturalicious is that Gwen’s six-year-old son Caiden gets to help his mom call the shots at our headquarters, serving as the CCO (Chief Candy Curator). Together they make sure each order is sent out with a sweet surprise and our customers literally eat it up!


What we love most about our work is that we get to take others with us on our journey to the top of the beauty game. Through our partnership with Detroit-based nonprofit, Services to Enhance Potential (STEP), we proudly offer opportunities for men and women with special needs to join our team. When you purchase a Naturalicious product, you can feel good knowing that we are a brand dedicated to seeing not just your hair, but also our communities, thrive. 

Run to the shop now tab and join the movement!


These products have truly made a huge difference in my life. My time is so precious as a single mom + my daughter had a head FULL of beautiful hair that I just didn't have time to manage before I found out about Naturalicious. Huge time saver + great results!  
~Kristina B.

I AM OFFICIALLY SOLD!!! I went from wash to style + done in 34 minutes!! Never in the 12 years I have been natural has the process taken less than and hour and a half. I will definitely be signing up for the monthly subscription. Thanks for making such amazing products. Your have earned yourself a very satisfied customer.  
~Erica W.

LOVE IT! The Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is amazing. I've used the entire OooLaLocks Box for a little over a month + about fainted when I went to wash my hair this morning + squeezed the last drop out of the bottle. NEVER again! Placed an order tonight! 
~Arnell E.