I’m on a Rona Rant! Come get the tea for how to get thru this


  • Susan Luna

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  • Janet Peterson

    I almost lost my life after falling victim to a scam that went on for weeks, I got contacted by a lady pretending to be a Forex trader account manager, told me I’ll make huge profits if I invest on her platform not knowing that I was being targeted, I started making investments through bitcoins until it was time to withdraw and they insisted I had to pay 20% to withdraw my money and it was then I knew I was being swindled. Unfortunately, I had already put $90,000 into this investment scam. While I was wallowing in depression, I came across an article about a company CYBER-ASSET Recovery that can help me recovered my money back from them. I didn’t hesitate to contact them, they took some information from me and to my surprise, all my money was recovered within 48 hours. I’m truly grateful to CYBER-ASSET Recovery for their professionalism in helping me recover my money. If you had ever lost money to any of these scams, I’ll recommend them to you. Their contact:(cryptorecoveryexpert@post.com)

  • Rita James

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  • Lane Workman

    Financial frauds is not today news to the majority of us who have been meted with this inhumane act at some point of our lives. I was shocked to discover the magnitude of these financial frauds upon further research into this matter, of which the most popular and it seems has become the worst of them all is the investment scam. It usually starts off with minimal initial deposit and eventually you tend to put in more money then before you realize it, you find yourself borrowing more from friends, family and even taking loans from bank with the promise that each fee was going to be your last. My consultations with JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE has helped me realize that such companies/platforms who exhibit these system of behaviors have no intention whatsoever to release due payments to clients irrespective of how much you’re being owed. To simply put it, it had always been a well designed elaborate scam from the onset so you and I are mere prey’s to them, but we fail to see this bigger picture because of the huge returns and profits we’re being promised until it’s almost too late if not too late already. Be careful as there is a lot of these platforms out there. however I was determined to get back my monies notwithstanding the fact that many people told me this was practically impossible. Firstly, I’d like to say a very big THANK YOU! to the whole Team at JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE for how the team responded and handled my case from day one, Companies with this type of integrity are very few and far between. some of us have been fortunate enough to successfully repossess back what we’d thought was lost to the scammers through the services of JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE whom like my predecessors, I also consulted their services via the firm’s Telegram support @ JETHACKSS and provided the necessary details which had enabled the successful tracing and retrieval of my invested funds on the platform approx. $ 485,000 usd back to my external wallet address. We don’t get many second chances in all of our lifetime but when we do, it is paramount that we never repeat the same mistake again.

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