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TShirt Towel - Naturalicious
TShirt Towel - Naturalicious

TShirt Towel

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  • ALL NATURAL NON-SYNTHETIC – Naturalicious-branded t-shirt towel. 100% Combed Cotton remains soft with repeated use and washes. Lasts for many years making this a better choice over other hair towels or even a t-shirt.

  • WILL NOT OVER-DRY - Premium cotton fabric allows water to sink into the surface gently instead of roughing it up - locking in essential moisture naturally. This leaves hair healthier reviving its natural shine, and vitality. The more you use it the better your hair will look and feel. Reduce or even eliminate the blow dryer and say good bye to frizz, breaks and flyaways.

  • EASY & SAVES TIME – An elastic band holds the Ultimate T-shirt Hair Towel securely in place allowing you to get ready while wrapping or plopping your straight, wavy or curly hair. Perfect for ALL hair types.

  • VERSATILE - Perfect tool for any hair drying method. The Ultimate Hair Towel ideal for all those who want to plop, wrap or scrunch their straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

  • BETTER THAN ALL OTHER HAIR TOWELS – It is truly The Ultimate Hair Towel due to its super soft smooth all natural fabric, versatility that allows for wrapping, plopping and scrunching and a unique elastic band holds the towel wrapped securely while you get ready. This is a must have beauty tool to combat enemy #1 to your hair, friction – which causes Frizz, Breaks, and Flyaways. 

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