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Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Medium to Loose Curls + Waves)
Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Medium to Loose Curls + Waves)
Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Medium to Loose Curls + Waves) - Naturalicious
Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Medium to Loose Curls + Waves) - Naturalicious

Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Medium to Loose Curls + Waves)

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Do you loathe the idea of having to deal with your hair?  Does it feel like yet another chore?  Takes more hours than you have? You have more important things to handle, yes?

We feel you.


No more buying a bunch of products to do every little step. And because every one of our products replaces at least three of the products you're currently using, we can help you knock out your routine in three easy steps.

Get ready to slash your routine to smithereens with the only system for dry hair that is guaranteed to take you from wash to style in 80% less time.

  • Our Moroccan Rhassoul Clay deeply cleanses, thoroughly conditions, and detangles effortlessly, all while detoxifying every strand and elongating your curls and reducing shrinkage

  • Deep hydrating moisture keeping breakage at bay and promotes healthier, longer, stronger hair

  • Effortlessly create any and every style you can imagine from wash-n-go to bantu knot out and everything in between

  • Our proprietary hot oil treatment kicks frizz and dryness to the curb, taking your hair from hot mess to "hot damn!"


If you’re finally ready to get out of the bathroom and get on with your life, we have the essential products that give you back your day, so you get the time to actually enjoy life and get back to what you really want to do with your life. Let the church say, "Amen!"

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Ask a Question
  • My hair is 4A, thin and one area appeared stagnant

    Hi Sherlia,

    ​Our products help to support and nourish hair, as well as strengthen it. Your hair will be better moisturized and stronger.

  • Hi there 1)My question is how often do you use the product per week? 2) does the product totally replace the shampoo & conditioner ? 3) how do you do to your hair at night?


    You can use the treatment every 7-10 days, however, some people use it more often.  The moisturizer and oil can be used daily.

    And, yes, the treatment replaces shampoo and conditioner.

    For night: Gwen pulls her hair into a bun or ponytail to maintain her hair.  Here's a video where she discusses and shows how she buns her hair at night:

    ​Here's another video where she discusses nighttime haircare:

    ​Tiffany, who works with Gwen uses a Lock Sock at nightt to help maintain her braidouts/twistouts and other styles, including wash-n-go's.

    You could pineapple your hair at night to maintain your style, put it in a puff, twist it, braid it, put a bonnet on it, it really just depends on what works best with you, or what you think would work best.

  • How do I fugure out what type of hair I have ?My hair is very thick and curly when wet but when it dries it looses alot of the curl and I also have a hard time getting it a wet when I wash it the hair on top get wet but the hair underneath I have to pick through to get it all wet help please!

    Hi Gwen!

    Thank you for your question.

    We have an extremely accurate quiz that customers tell us is very helpful for allowing them to determine which type of hair they have and which Naturalicious products they should use:

  • I think I'm a 3c very curly, with volume. Which set is best?


    Our Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System for Medium to Loose Waves sounds like it would be best for your hair.

    You can also read more about hair typing and take a hair typing quiz here:

    Thank you for your question!

  • I believe I have type 4 B hair. Can I use the one for Medium to loose curls?

    Hi! For type 4b hair, you'll want to select our Tight Curls + Coils collection. Here's the link to that product 

  • I have medium curly hair that is colored. Which product is your shampoo and can it be used on dyed hair? I'm listening to your interview on Slate's "Working " podcast.

    Hi! Our Step 1: Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment (For Medium to Loose Curls + Waves) is the product you're looking for. All of our products are color safe, so no worries about your hair color changing in any way when using our products. We offer that product individually, and it also comes as a part of this Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System. Thanks for checking out our interview on the podcast!