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Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil - Naturalicious
Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil - Naturalicious
Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil - Naturalicious
Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil - Naturalicious
Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil

Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil

$ 23.00



Imported directly from Spain, this sweet, soothing oil will have you saying, “adios” once and for all to thinning hair. By applying just twice a day as directed, you’ll start falling in true amor after seeing results within the first month.  After using for the recommended full 90 days, you’ll be totally smitten.


The properties of the almonds are what get this hair fiesta started right.

  • Olein Glyceride, Linoleic Acid + Vitamin D nourish and soothe your scalp

  • Helps to stimulate blood flow to the roots of the hair

  • Allows regrowth to happen like magic



Ask a Question
  • Can you use this oil for scalp messages to aid in hair growth simulation? Is it good to use this as hot oil treatment with the step 1?

    Yes, our Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil is excellent for scalp massages and it does aid in stimulating hair growth.  Additionally, it is good to use it as a hot oil treatment too, with Step 1. 

  • Hello. I recently visited a dermatologist because of a very thin area in the crown of my head. The hair all around it is thick, but this small circular area is not completely bald but sparse. The doctor thinks it is either female pattern baldness or Alopecia areata. Can your products be used for conditions such as these? My next steps with the dermatologist is a scalp biopsy and then steroid injections. I perfer to use more natural methods to regrow this area. I've seen your products advertise on FB and finally got up the courage to ask. Thank you.

    Hi! Thanks for your question. Many of our customers find that with consistent use, our Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil helps to regrow their thinning hair. I'm excited for your to try it yourself!

    It is important to remember that consistency is key. Similar to working out: you cannot work out for a week, then stop and wonder why you haven't gotten fit, right? It's the same in this case. Without consistent, daily usage, you won't see results, but those customers who use it as directed have reported great regrowth of their thinning hair. We recommend using the product 2x a day on the thinning area, every day, for at 3 months. I also recommend that you take the product to your doctor to ensure there is no conflict between using it along with your doctor's recommended treatment(s)/medication(s).