The Best Natural Hair Blogs You Should Know About

… and follow on the ‘gram.

From wash day tips to natural hair journeys, natural hair blogs (and their matching Instagram accounts) are one of the best resources we have when it comes to staying on top of the latest trends, best products and expert advice in the natural hair community.

Thankfully, the natural hair community has blown up over the last few years which means we have more resources than ever before. But, of course, with so many natural hair blogs to choose from, it can be a challenge to pick and choose which ones have the best and—more importantly—most accurate information. Keeping that in mind, we’ve decided to curate a list of Naturalicious Nation’s favorite natural hair blogs.

Naturalicious’ Top Five Natural Hair Blogs 


So, we couldn’t possibly write a list of the best natural hair blogs without mentioning NaturallyCurly. If you don’t follow them religiously already, NaturallyCurly is essentially a curly-haired girl’s guide to life a.k.a. our hair. For 20 years, NaturallyCurly has been bringing curls to life with articles on everything from understanding your hair type to how-to guides on some of our favorite natural hairstyles. 

☁️Afroclouds ☁️ @ynotkeeb

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Naturalicious Nation

Okay, we obviously can’t write a top natural hair blogs post without a shameless promo of our own blog—I mean, can you even blame us? At Naturalicious, we’re all about helping you look flawless in less time, and our blog’s mission is no different. From Naturalicious product tutorials to advice on how to cut down your beauty routine without sacrificing style—our blog will be your new natural hair source!


Okay Afrobella, we see you! Afrobella is one of the OG natural hair blogs turned go-to source for all things hair, beauty, fashion and makeup for all shades of women. Following Afrobella means advice on everything from what books to read, to tips on dealing with scalp issues, and what hair accessories to rock this winter. Did we mention Afrobella’s founder, Patrice Grell Yursik, is one of WWD's 50 Most Influential People in the Multicultural Market?

Natural Hair Rules!

You know it, I know it—natural hair rules. But, do you know all of the natural hair rules? Alright, all double entendres aside, Natural Hair Rules is known as the natural hair authority. While Natural Hair Rules is always putting out new content for all of us natural-haired girls out there, what makes Natural Hair Rules different is that they actually have a Beginner’s Guide to Natural Hair. So, whether you are just beginning your natural hair journey, or have a baby heir with baby hair and afros (we can’t miss an opportunity for a Beyoncé reference)—this guide is worth checking out!


Life and natural hair therapy from a licensed psychotherapist? Let’s do it, sis! Here’s why we love CurlyNikki’s natural hair blog: she’s not afraid to spill the tea every once in a while and she has actually managed to create a community of support for the natural hair community! From the CurlyNikki Forum (where you can actually get in on the conversation) to her posts on empowerment, it’s impossible to walk away from reading a CurlyNikki article without feeling empowered or inspired.

Fun fact- You are not on your way to becoming the woman you know you are meant to be... you already are HER. The woman who is now reading these words, is HER! Can you feel that shift? . This powerful recognition comes with immediate results in the form of a quiet, inner joy, and a feeling of relief or stillness. You may even feel a gentle smile spread across HER face. And although it may not seem like much, these subtle go(o)d feels, if consciously sustained will appear in the mirror you call the world, as the ‘outer’ things. #BeHerNow 👑 #ThatShiftTho . . p.s. That attitude you often display, the quick temper and easily botheredness? These are all symptoms of chronic ‘not-letting-myself-be-Her-itis’. Notice that feeling of discomfort, breathe and stand as HER. This instantly triggers the Light. Bask in it, smile, remember. Repeat as needed.

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Obviously, with hundreds of noteworthy natural hair blogs out there, we can’t mention them all, but we do want to hear about your favorites! Tag your top natural hair blogs on our latest Instagram post (@naturalicious_beauty) to spread the love—and while you’re there, you might as well toss us a follow (did we just throw another shameless promo? Oops).


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