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  • Thanks for the information, I love how passionate you are about our hair.

  • Thanks for sharing. We as consumers try to trust those who create these products and assume they are safe. I imagine this goes on with foods as well. Man is more concern about making money—greed and does not care about the harm they are causing consumers. We need business that care about the people. However, can the makers of such products as yourself ensure that you continue to inform as well as keep those chemicals out of your products. Thanks again for the information.

  • Thank you so much for the information.

  • After watching your video, I went right away to see the ingredients on the Cantu products that I do have and none of them say they have the things you mentioned in them the ingredients. Please tell me how recent are your findings. I purchased these products about three months ago. I certainly do not want to use anything with the damaging information you mentioned in your toxic video. I would love a list of good products for natural hair.

    Pamela Smith
  • I heard about this product while listening to a podcast. I’ve heard great things about this product line but I’ve been burned by several products several times before. As she plainly stated in this video I was scorned and burnt out on natural products. I was skeptical about trying this but after watching this video and hearing thoughts that are so very similar to mines I think I am going to try one last time. Any person who doesn’t care whether you buy their product or another, they just simply want you to make an informed decision deserves my money lol. So thank you for this video. I will be purchasing a kit and hopefully my next post will be me boasting about how great my hair looks & feels.


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