Black Hair Products Linked to Disease


  • Dorece

    I have tried many products being black with mixed hair I’m natural and have naturally curly coils / that are very dry

  • Lelia L

    What is your recommendation for a semi-permanent hair color (darkest brown) because my hair is very sensitive to permanent color and breaks easily?


    I finally was able to use your products today I received almost a week ago and I am impressed. The 5 in 1 shampoo was great and so was step 2, moisturizer and step 3! I shall be ordering another set for my 10 year old niece. #ilovenaturalicious 🥰


    Because of my allergies, I use Naturaliciois. When I get compliments on my hair. I tell them Naturaliciois. Bad products on your hair is like cheap shoes on your feet. Gwen your integrity has a business owner is commendable.

  • Connie WingateBellamy

    Thank you so much! I just threw away so many hair products that didn’t work now I know and just received my order today can’t wait use them!

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