Black Hair Products Linked to Disease


  • Connie WingateBellamy

    Thank you so much! I just threw away so many hair products that didn’t work now I know and just received my order today can’t wait use them!

  • Mimose Dixon

    How do I get a reminder on your live videos? Also I have a certain kind of problems with my hair. How do I contact you for some advice?

  • Debbie

    Can I use your products on my 5 and 7 year old grands. Where can I find a list of harmful products and damaging ingredients I ordered your sample kit. Can’t wait to try it

  • Yvonne Trotman

    This video is amazing. One of the Cantu Leave-In Conditioning repair creams does have Isopropyl alcohol in it. I can hardly wait for my Naturalitious products to arrive!
    I am eagar to write an awesome review.😊

  • Maria Turner

    I have had a Perm since I was a teenager, now I am 6yrs old I just made it in May, 13th. I have dry hair & I got my hair Pressed when I was younger. My Mother use to do all of our hair like that when all my Sister’s were young to. The Perm use to Burn me to know end. I have a Senative Scalp. When my hair is Straight, it is thin but when it gets old it gets thicker. Now I have went Natural for a Couple of yrs now. it have been 3yrs now.I am so frustrated with my Hair as I Speak. I wear Wigs all the time now to Church Everywhere I go. Please help me. I am tired. I have Spent so, much money on Perms & I have had Jeri Curls back in the day as well. No more I don’t put nothing on my hair. Now I am Burned OUt!! 😍❤️😍 Thank you for yo your Information & I want to try the Right Products from you. Can you spell Pargents. ( Cause Cancer)

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