Black Hair Products Linked to Disease


  • LaTrinyah

    This was awesome!!! Wonderful information. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you😊❤️

  • MelonieB

    This was very informative and some facts I knew, but others I did not. I have been natural for a while, but I use heat when I don’t have a protective hairstyle. I can tell the heat is bad and that’s why I go back to crochet braids for my protective hairstyle. Thank you for the information and I have to tune in more.

  • Learning How To Blossom

    I’ve known it from the get go, they are trying to kill us in what ever form they can, you can see it every where you just have to open your eyes. This is horrible and why I stated buying black, but also started to care about the ingredients more.

  • Ruth

    Hi Gwen. Thanks for sharing. The video was very informative and enlightening for me and a real eye opener 👁I’m so glad that you’re taking time out to educate our people, as you said we need to know what we are putting in our bodies and on our hair. If we know better we do better 😊thank God you’re here to show us the way🙏🏽I’m forever grateful. Many continued Blessings to you 🙏🏽I’m going to throw away a lot of products. Thanks again😊

  • Cheen

    Hi Gwen…as a business woman I am happy that you stressed the importance of creating a product to solve a problem rather than to just make a profit. Identifying that a problem exist and implementing feasible well researched solutions to mitigate or totally eliminate that issue is great for the purpose, the people, and the business model. Good and honest content in this video. Thank you for your transparency and sharing this information with us.

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