Welcome Brand Ambassadors!

We are so excited to have you on board as a Naturalicious Brand Ambassdor! You are now a part of an elite, hand-selected group of amazing naturalistas. Plus, our partnerships with powerhouse hair care websites Folica and Natural Hair Rules puts you and your personal brand in front of an additional combined audience of over 1 million people each month. 

What You'll Be Doing
As a brand ambassador, you will need to submit a minimum of 4 photos, videos and/or blog posts (300 words max) a month. You are certainly welcome to submit more, as the more you submit, the more often we can feature you on all our platforms. The videos/photos should highlight you using our products in some manner. Examples might be: 

1. A photo of you smiling beautifully with one or more of your fave Naturalicious products

2. A 15 second video showing how you achieved a cute style using our products

3. A photo or 15 second video of you unboxing your Naturalicious order.

4. 300-word blog post detailing how you use Naturalicious

5. A 3-minute YouTube tutorial showing how you achieve a gorgeous style using Natualicious products

The possibilities are endless. Be creative!

What's In For You

In exchange, you will receive: 

  • Complimentary Naturalicious products
  • All-access passes to exclusive Naturalicious events
  • Complimentary Naturalicious swag
  • Promotion of your personal brand to the over 250,000 naturals throughout the Naturalicious community, plus over 1 million combined viewers across our partner websites, Folica and Natural Hair Rules.

Our Content Style

Examples of acceptable photo styles are as follows:

Selfie: Cute hair style showing the Naturalicious products you used to achieve it. Product-Only Image: Styled photo of the Naturalicious products your love

Both of these were taken with a mobile phone. Again, these are merely examples, not necessarily exactly what you must create. Take a look at our Instagram page to see even more examples of our style. You'll notice almost every photo includes our signature purple color or a color that compliments it. Again, this is about having fun, and being creative. Don't feel pigeon-holed into any one particular image type.

How to submit your content

 or 15 second videos:
Post directly to Instagram and tag @naturalicious1 in the body of the caption. (Be certain to use @naturalicious1 -- not @naturalicious (without "1" at the end). The latter is someone else we are not affiliated with; and if you tag that page, we won't see it.

YouTube videos:
Email the link to hello@naturalicious.net

Blog posts:
Email the Word document to hello@naturalicious.net. Be certain to proofread before you send. We won't be editing your articles so if it's grammatically incorrect, we won't be able to post it.

Again, welcome! We can't wait to see what you create!