Why your doing the LOC method but your hair still sucks

Find our signature system with the LCO Method built in. Click here to get it.


  • LeeLee T

    This would have been so much better haf you not kept repeating everything over and over instead og moving on abd getting to the point( meat & potatoes) of the tutorial. I couldn’t finish watching.

  • Janelle Johnson

    The LOC method has never work for me so I will try the LCO method. Thank you for the information. :)

  • Stevey-Wonderful

    TY Gwen! You’re brill?? I was doing the LCO already realizing the chemistry BUT was using leave-in conditioner between washes so still the dryness AND didn’t know about hot oil treatments to rid those naughty, knotty ends (Ha! the ‘naughty-knot-e’s. You can use that ?). So helpful! Bless ya BIG!!

  • Collette

    Very good information….I’ve been doing the l.o.c method for months now and while my hair feels better… it’s still not at the moisture level I’d like to be… I’m absolutely going to try this method….

  • Cleopatra Worthy

    Yes your so correct. The LOC method never worked for me, I’m in that migarity of woman that was confused of why my hair was still dry. Thanks a bunch I will do this today.

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