Why the hair typing saying is a load of b.s.

REAL HAIR REVELATIONS: Why the hair typing saying is a load of b.s. by popular demand -- how to actually figure out your real hair texture

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  • Alma Vinson

    Thanks for during this video cause it’s answering all my questions that I was having pertaining to my hair type and what products to use I purchased your products and I will be during my first wash this weekend can’t wait to see the results afterwards

  • Michele White

    Please tell me what is the difference between the Step 2 moisturizer for tight curls & coils vs. Step moisturizer for medium to loose curls, as they both list the same ingredients?

  • Joamn

    Hi there. I am impressed with what I’ve just seen and heard on your sight. So tired of trying to find what works for my hair and getting it to grow. I’ve been using a product line that makes my hair feel like its natural self but not seeing the growth that should have happened by now based on what my hair did years ago. So I’m thinking about giving your line a try. Great information and awesome demonstrations. Thank you!

  • Altamese Akiva

    Thank you so much for this! Amazing how much I learned from listening to this video! Unfortunately, I’ve already ordered a product and it seems as if I’ve ordered the wrong one, but that’s okay, I’ll use it and buy the right one the next time. I have tightly coiled hair and I bought the product for looser curls. I bought the grapeseed mist so that should help! LOL Thanks, again for this!! I need to moisturize more! I’ve been oiling my hair but never considered the need to moisturize. No wonder it won’t retain the growth!

  • Kyla Freeney

    Love your videos, and share them my coworkers. Have a Question. I recently purchased my box and plan on doing wash day this weekend, but what do I use for daily product, her hair tends to be very dry and thirsty needing a lot of product. What do I use for day 3,4 etc.

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