What to do about those greys!

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  • Cynthia

    I am 65 years old next month and have grey at the roots. I have true 4c textured hair and it is medium/short in length. I have been using the Naturalicious for tight curls + coils for some time now. I have watched videos over and over on how to use the products properly but nothing has been working for my hair. I have never seen a video with someone who has my length of hair, every video that I’ve seen, the person’s hair has length to it. I thought it would be the same process if not easier with the shorter length of my hair, but evidently I may still be working it wrong. My hair feels clean but never feels soft and is still really frizzy after I’ve finished the process. I never see the definition of my curl pattern as I’ve seen with step one in videos. I’m frustrated and so disappointed and still don’t know what to do about my hair.

  • Crystal Osborne


  • Teressa F Burke

    Catching this on replay

  • Julia

    Catching this on replay!!! Point on.

  • Parrissa Ramsey

    OG….love alllll of your products. Im addicted

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