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  • Hi Gwen,
    I am so excited I found you in my natural hair journey. I have been natural almost 5 yrs and it has been a challenge so far. I have been tempted to give up so many times. I have invested in so many different products and always feeling this is the one. Nothing has done the job so far. I have not used your products yet. I have been watching your videos and educating myself. Thank you for all the information you share. I really feel I have found the right one and the right person. The biggest challenge I am having after
    5 yrs is no growth, shading, dryness and a bush after hair is completely dry. When wet it is soft, wavy and hanging. I have to use products everyday and mist several times a day. I don’t think I’m a 4c, because my hair is never tangled, even when it’s dry, just a frizzy mess. Help, what do I need to do? I need a step by step.

    Martha Nannie
  • Hi Gwen I am already a member I just recently remarried I was Janice Locke and I am trying to place an order with the T-shirt towel and steps 1-3 and grape seed oil with discount but it won’t go through

    Janice Frazier
  • Thank you for the welcome. After viewing some of your videos on youtube and learning your products would ne in Sallys in January, I went to my local Sallys and purchased Step 1 &2. I used Step 1 last night to wash my hair, then used it along with my own oil concoction :) as a deep treatment overnight. It felt amazingly soft and moisturized even after I washed out the products, then applied Step 2 and kept my hair in a t-shirt for over an hour.

    Thanks for the videos you’ve shared, they’ve been very educational. I’m coming up on my three year anniversary since going natural, and my only regret is that I didn’t discover you and your product sooner.

    Erica Inniss-Alexander

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