Our founder is changing lives with her business


  • Shirley Hollis

    Thanks for your products. I’ve tried other products but nothing has made my hair look and feel incredible. I’ve been natural for over 10 years so I constantly got my hair done by a terrific hairstylist from the Dominican Republic. I did realize it was too much heat on my thin fine hair and the natural look took to long to prepare and style, but I tried the starter kit and instantly feel for the product using on family members hair too. Naturalicious has made my natural health. When I do go get a blowout my stylist tell me how healthy my hair has become. Thanks!!!

  • Kim

    Saw you for the first time on Brenda Perryman’s Show at WHPR. You are an Inspiration!!!

  • GZ Stanley

    Thank you for making these products available in my local Sally’s Store. I was so excited to try these on my multi-textured hair because of all of the amazing results that others had on the videos that you’ve posted. I am shocked that even ‘I’ got great results and bouncy curls. My normally dry hair feels moisturized, plus I did NOT get the normal shrinkage either. First timer – I’m a believer already !!!

  • Dahlia Miller

    To Gwen, the Candy Curator, and every hero at Naturalicious…THANK YOU! I love this story and every single product that I have brought (and rebrought) into my home. I have trusted on my daughter..which says Alot.

    I didn’t know that your patent made history. Congratulations. Makes me live it (and tout it) even more. Plus, since I’m a customer..I’m making history too! #coattails 😆 Good job and Kudos to all!!

  • Carol

    Congratulations Gwen, can’t wait to receive my products!

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