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  • Hi Gwen just wanted to let you know that I ordered step 1,2 and 3 online at sally’s beauty about 3weeks ago and I am loving it.

    Phyllis combs
  • i admire your consistent pressence in my email and your enthusiastic video presentations. Keep up the good work

  • Thanks so much for such a warm welcome! I will be 3 years natural in August but my hair gets so tangled on wash day I spend hours detangling. Last week I was on vacation in Las Vegas and I spent most of it trying to detangle my hair after it locked up at the roots. I’m hoping your product will help me from reverting back to the creamy crack!

    Shemika Fauntleroy
  • I just purchased the travel size kit. I have tried several products but none that really work. The product I’m using now leaves my hair greasy. My hair has been cut short but have mix textures. Tight curl in the front and back of my head and the center is just doesn’t curl. I hope this product works.

  • I am so excited about this purchase. I can hardly wait to put it to use. Details to follow on wash day.

    Pamela Smith

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