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  • I can’t wait to try your product. I have tried so many different products and I am looking for one that I can stick with, hope it Naturalicious!!

    Sheila Morrissette
  • I just brought the trail size. I’m going to take out my braids soon as I receive the products. I’m looking forward to see the results for my 4C coils. I’m also planning to put in sister locs, so I want something while I’m resting my roots and prevent pulling on my hair.
    Wish me luck.👍🏾

    Lisa Savory
  • Just placed my order for $85 exactly. Got my 10% off coupon. So I was charged shipping, check out & see free shipping on orders more than $85. However, really excited about this product & can’t wait to try it. I’ve seen about 10 videos regarding new hair care products & saved them all. This is the one that I actually made a purchase. It just felt right. No pressure lol.

    Rachel Rich
  • Are these products color safe? I’m looking forward to to receiving them, but I do have this concern since I do color my hair.

    Jacquelyn E White
  • I can’t wait. I bought double-sized for myself & 2 for a gift.


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