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Super Cute + Quick Protective Style

Super Cute + Quick Protective Style

Super cute + quick protective style. Perfect for the office, date night, girls trip/girls night out, play dates with the kids or even lounging around.

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  • Love the style, I am currently wearing my hair in two two-strand twist. I will have to try this as well. I love the grape seed product too! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is really cute and I just got my Heavenly Hydration and the smell is Heavenly.

    Alice Kent
  • Looks great! I’m going to try that style. Normally I wear my hair flat twisted because I have difficulty braiding my hair, but was getting tired with the same ol’ twist so today I parted my hair all the way down in the middle and flat twisted both sides. Your style is great, can’t wait to try it!


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