Nine Minute Natural Hair Wash Day Live!

Impossible is nothing! Watch in real-time how our Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System allows me to finish my wash day in record time. And I'm not even rushing. Bananas!


  • Cynthia Jackson

    Thank you Gwen for letting me be a part of the group. I really appreciate, being a part of this group….everybody is so nice, and welcoming ?

  • Jae

    What is the t-shirt towel made of and what is the actual name? Searched for it on Amazon and did not see that exact towel or name. Just received my Hello Gorgeous Kit, Medium to Loose Curls, can’t wait to use it!

  • Uchenna Anagor

    Thanks for this great illustrative video. I have ordered the product and am still waiting for it to arrive.
    Thanks & God bless

  • Symphonie

    In total agreement with Pamela here! I’m pretty sure I’ve been wasting so much product. I do have a question for Gwen. Do you happen to have any old pictures of your hair that will show what it looked like before you got it in such a healthy regimen? I have to say, it doesn’t look like 4b but I have noticed that when I use the products consistently, my hair does get nice and spoiled and happy too! Just curious for a comparison pic. Also, do you find that the wash day takes longer when your hair is not stretched?

  • Pamela McGee

    Thank you for the video because I was not using the product right and now I have a clear understanding of how this product is supposed to be used and now I am looking fowrward to seeing what kind of results that I will get.

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