Naturalicious Live on CNBC

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  • Nola

    Yes Gwen, I got to see the interview with you! I’m so proud to see you out there representing black women and how to properly care for our natural hair.

  • Beatrice Harrison

    Yes, gorgeous you really rocked this interview. You’re a natural for the camera. You answered his questions and didn’t go on and on. Very pleased to be a part of the Naturalious Nation.

  • Linda S Pendergrass

    Hey Gwen is such a wonderful thing to see how much ur doing to help so many
    plz keep all your good works..warm reguards.

  • Annette

    So excited for you! We love your hair care products!


    I joined Repair Your Hair Challenge this morning. And, I was so impressed to see Gwen on CNBC! I’m looking forward to learning how to do my hair and use this product line. Blessings!

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