Buildup you don’t even know you have and it’s screwing up your hair.


  • Makeda Bonsu

    Hi Gwen, your hair looks fantastic so does your make-up. I put some black colouring dye in my hair at the hair salon. Once my hair dried it became hard and brittle, is that because the dye is acidic?
    I rinsed my hair, then washed it with the Morocaan Rhosoul clay, treatment with conditioner overnight, my hair is soft when wet, but crispy and brittle when it is dried. Would the ACV rinse help ?Any suggestions?

  • Yvette Smith

    Newbie. Awaiting for products I ordered. I cannot wait to try.

  • Sandra Orange

    Should you use the acv first then use step 1,2,3 ?


    I did the trail and I loved the product so I just ordered my full kit. I have a question, how do I get my curls to mot shrink so much and how to I keep my twist out fresh beyond day 1?


    Is one part like one cup?

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