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11 Minute Wash Day!

11 Minute Wash Day!

11 Minute Wash Day! 😱😱😱😱😱 Watch how I get this done -- and you can too!

I swore I'd give away $500 this time if it took me longer than 15 minutes. No joke. Watch this in real time and the coments testifying that it really does what it says.

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If you don't love it, I'll refund your money + buy you a competitor's product to replace it. I'm that confident that these products with change your life.

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4 Comment

  • I bought the system months ago, i got the system for dry hair. I didn’t like the outcome, my scalp was irritated. No, i didn’t return the products because I kept hope. I will try again. The moisturizer i just used again and it’s wonderful.

  • Do you wash your hair once weeks or every two weeks

  • As a first time user, do I need to leave in step 1 for an extended amount of time before rinsing?

    Shirley Baker
  • DAAYUM!! 1. I cannot wait to get off from work to wash my hair with your product. My wash day was Saturday, but with the hurricane here in Florida..playing catch-up on Thurs. I just ordered step 1 (why??) Now I want to get the whole kit based on your results, Gwen. Amazing!!!

    Dee Miller

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