Hand Sanitizer

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Panic buying has caused hand sanitizer to be one of the scarcest items out there. So we have a real deal hand sanitizer just for you.

This is true alcohol-based hand sanitizer liquid manufactured in a clean environment to stringent standards. It includes skin emollients to protect and moisturize your hands as it cleans them.

Our hand sanitizer is a liquid that has the consistency of water. It has been manufactured exactly to the stringent World Health Organization guidelines for maximum effectiveness. If you’re buying hand sanitizer anywhere else, make sure it follows these guidelines! 

Gels like aloe vera can make sanitizers less effective. Our hand sanitizer is the same type of product that a field surgeon would use if they didn’t have access to soap and hot water.


Spray it on the palms of your hand. Rub palms together. Repeat as necessary.

Alcohol, Distilled Water, Glycerin, Hydrogen peroxide

Due to the nature of this product, and the COVID-19 pandemic, there aren’t any refunds on this product except if yours was somehow defective. If yours shows up damaged, send us a picture to concierge@naturalicious.net and we’ll get it replaced.



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