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Love It

This crime is light and moisturizing for my dry hair. I ensure that my ends are moisturized in the morning and before going to bed each day. I love the way this product makes my hair look and feel with minimal daily maintenance.

Heavenly is the perfect word

I was somewhat skeptical when I brought this and now I'm a convert. It really does hydrate your hair on non wash days and makes my 4c hair easy to style. I definitely need more.

Naturalicious Lover!!!

I’m loving the naturalicious products.. The only product I’ve used that doesn’t leave me with build up nor flakes!! Thank you Naturalicious for meeting all my needs!!!

I love Step 2

I love Naturalicious products. Step 2 gives my hair so much life when I use it as a heat protectant and a styling creme. I love the way it smells and I love that it is all natural.

Great line!!

This line has saved my life. My curls pop and this is the only product I need for wash day. My hair is so soft and clean. I can’t wait until she dies a gel and I will e all set.

I was able to use my Naturalicious travel kit, or as my husband calls it 'Travelicious' while in Orlando. My hair was moisturized, has curls for days and got lots of compliments while we were sightseeing. I'm so glad that I gave Naturalicious a try and so is my hair!

Just rolling thru to share this loveliness brought to you by Naturalicious..
Healthy hair starts with a great maintenance product and Naturalicious provides just that for my hair...I love deep conditioning and steaming with the Moroccan Rhassoul 5 in 1 Clay treatment ..That clay is the G.O.A.T.
I just purchased the Gallon bottle of the clay. I love Naturalicious

This is a wonderful product. It smells wonderful and makes my curls pop with awesome definition!!

Completes my daily routine especially with braids

Been using this product to refresh my braids!!!!

I find that the products provide the moisture I need while allowing me to place my hair in protective styles. I love that they are paraben free, free of mineral oils and sulfates.

I took the travel kit on my cruise and I was able to strategically place the travel size Spanish regrowth oil in the pouch as well. No problem getting through TSA with it!

So initially I didn't like how it made my hair feel BUT this could be because I am used to having a shampoo that foames up when I was my hair. It does untangle my hair pretty easily though. After my hair dried it did look very nice however I feel that it kinda left my hair feeling sticky at the same time. I love how the moisturizer smelled and felt in my hair but I must say I'm not a huge fan of the 5 in 1 product. I will keep using it until it's gone but I am not ready to get rid of all my products and replace it with this.

I love all the products I have used from Naturalicious. My hair is soft and manageable.

I love this product it’s helped moisturize my daughters and grandson hair so much!

I love these hair products! At first I had to use so much of step 1 in my hair that I thought it was a waste of money. But by the 2nd use, I knew that I needed shampoo first to get the clay mixture to work in my 4C hair. I love the moisture creme, it's a great styler. And the oil is good to unravel your twists or as a hot oil treatment. My texture is so popping now.

Naturalicious is my go to staple maintenance product that I use for my hair..The Morrohocan Rhassoul Clay wash is divine as well as the rest of the products in the line ..I have very thick low porosity hair and this has been the only product to tame my thick hair..I believe in keeping a good healthy hair care maintenance routine and Naturalicious helps me obtain my best looking hair everytime..I wanna thank Gwen for her vision with this product and I look forward to using this product for many years to come ❤❤

Love! Love! Love! Step 1 and it is a must to use each washday and now I use it for a facial and it leaves my skin smooth and very moist! Step 1 has leveled up to 6 in 1 and did I say I love it!!

Step 3 is a must use to keep my hair moisture and shine! I love it!!

I love heavenly hydration hair mist because it keeps my hair moist and shine!

I was excited about getting this product and it did not disappoint. I really loved the shampoo and curl cream; however, one criticism would be the oil (step 3), it made my hair a bit harder than I would have liked. So the next wash day, I’ll definitely use less. Overall, I give this product an A.

Step 1,2,3
Have my feeling lovely
It loves the clay and ate two just keep me right I’m in love
I’m hook no doubt 😊

This works absolute magic on my little one’s natural hair. We used to dread the daily comb out but now it’s much easier. Plus it keeps her hair looking Morning fresh all day.

I fell in love with this haircare system the first time I used it about a year ago and my opinion has. It changed. It makes my hair so manageable, soft and my curls look great and they last.