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Overspending on Hair Products?


  • symphonie smith: June 19, 2018

    naturalicious is the best product ive ever used and it does work well and helps save a lot of time… which is worth it to me! however, i do believe it is more expensive due to sheer volume of product. although the 3 naturalicous products can replace 12 others, all of the other products on the table will last way longer than the naturilcious kit. again, because of the ease of my hair when using the product and the time saved, i think it is worth the extra money. but cent for cent, it seems to be more expensive.

  • Karlisa Renee Brewer: June 15, 2018

    Yes! Your products are great. However, it is more expensive. Even if I purchased 2 kits for your products it would not last as long if we look at the volume or number of ounces in the products you have lined up on your table. I would have to put more money into the line up of products you had on the table and more time to use them, but they would last longer and the need to repurchase would happen less often. More expensive yes. Less time yes. Thanks for your super product and this demonstration. However, I am not convinced that your product is less expensive.

  • Andrea: June 14, 2018


  • Nisette Gray: June 14, 2018


  • Mea: June 14, 2018

    Great video and I appreciate you doing it. I do believe the products are too expensive. I recently took advantage of the hair mist promo. 12 products is excessive. And a wash day over 2 hrs is more time than I have. Yes you may spend more for separate products but you will have them longer. Many products can serve a dual purpose. I have 3 heads of hair to manage and this would not fit our budget. I do use the folowing: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in, co wash, moisturizer, styler, oil. I am able to detangle with any of the conditioning agents listed or a co wash. The oil can be used as a hot oil treatment, sealant, or for sheen. We don’t use heat here but I agree with a heat protectant. Today I showered, washed my hair (conditioned, leave in, moisturized, and styled) in an hour or less…I have two small children, work, house to keep, and husband. So 2.5+ hrs on hair alone is not logical. I did a sleek low puff. Most products are purchased with coupons or during promotions. Our 8-16oz products last us 2-6 months and that is washing every 1-2 weeks for all 3 of us. Plus styling and moisturizing or treating. I’d like to try the system to compare price and outcome. Maybe if in a smaller size that is cheaper. I also prefer as many natural ingredients as possible, since we all have sensitive skin. If I find a need or a good promo I might purchase the system. So far the most is working well.

  • Danielle: June 14, 2018

    Hey Miss Gwen!
    I love your products, but I will admit that they do get rather expensive. For me, they’re cheaper when initially purchasing them, but when moisturizing multiple times throughout the week I end up running out faster than I would with other products. Also, step 1 runs out quickly for me. I have that annoyingly thick hair, and I know the amount of step 1 to be used when washing my hair should be the equivalent of the amount I would use with a regular shampoo, but I have to use more get my hair and scalp clean. At the end of the day, dope products, just expensive for me.

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