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Myths Debunked: Part 4 of 12 - Spraying ACV on Damaged Pieces of Hair will Restore Lost Curls

This is one of my favorite topics to talk about because there's so much confusion surrounding it. Can apple cider vinegar restore your curls and fix damaged hair?

4. Spraying ACV on damaged pieces of hair will restore lost curls

FALSE: Unlike skin, our hair cannot heal itself. Once your hair has been damaged from heat, the molecular bonds have been broken and there is no way for it to revert back to its curly state.

There’s nothing you can spray or put on your hair that will force the broken bonds to reconnect, and in turn, restore the lost curl pattern. Also, be wary of products that promise to repair your damaged hair. These products merely provide a temporary fix that washes out. Because science tells us that hair cannot be repaired, you’ll likely find that once you wash your hair, you’ll have the same issues as you did before using that product.

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  • Kimberly Koiner: April 17, 2016

    How does one return to their previous healthy curl pattern

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