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Myths Debunked: Part 2 of 12 - You Should Co-Wash Instead of Using Shampoo

Welcome to the second of our 12 part series where we explore common curly hair myths. Let's get right to it:

2. You should cowash instead of shampooing your hair

cowash over shampoo?

FALSE: Conditioners are not designed to clean. Generally speaking, most conditioners don’t have the cleansing properties needed to efficiently clean your hair and scalp. And without a clean scalp, your pores get clogged with buildup and your hair cannot thrive and grow at the rate it normally would.

Let’s consider the history of co-washing. Co-washing began at a time in modern natural hair history when there were very few sulfate-free shampoos marketed to the natural hair community. Naturals were beginning to realize that sulfate-based shampoos were extremely harmful to the hair, stripping it of necessary natural oils. Since there was virtually nothing available on the market, the natural hair community started using conditioner to cleanse their hair, purely as a substitute for an otherwise suitable hair and scalp cleanser. Since then, however, cleansing products have hit the market, such as our bestselling Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment, that are sulfate-free, eliminating the need to wash with conditioner.

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