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Myths Debunked: Part 1 of 12: You can use apple cider vinegar as a substitute for shampoo.

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Posted on March 20 2016

We’ve all heard of the miracles apple cider vinegar can perform on our hair, and according to some, coconut oil is the answer to everything wrong in life.

coconut oil is the answer to all of life's problems lol
But is any of this stuff even true? 

Maybe so...maybe not.

To finally clear the smoke, we've created a 12 part series debunking these myths once and for all. So you can finally stop hanging your head over the bed, hoping the rush of blood to your brain will make your hair grow faster.

Yes, some people do this, and swear by it. No shade if you're one of them, but let's get you on the right path to your best hair ever, shall we?

Let's get started with the first one:

1. You can use apple cider vinegar as a substitute for shampoo


 acv in place of shampoo?

FALSE: Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is great to use as a clarifying rinse, and has been known to be able to fight some fungal scalp issues. But it’s important to not use it too often, such as using it in place of shampoo. ACV alone is very acidic and using it as often as you would your normal shampoo can completely screw up the pH balance of your hair, making your hair very brittle and causing it to become incredibly dry over time. This eventually leads to breakage, severely split ends, and loss of length retention.

When diluted and used about once a month, ACV can clarify your hair very well and leave it shinier than before. Not to mention, it really gets those curls popping! To properly conduct an ACV rinse, be sure to mix one part ACV to three parts water. Diluting the ACV this way is healthier for your hair longterm and significantly reduces the potential for a counterproductive experience.

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  • Shavonne Nicole: March 29, 2016

    So excited I found this website. I’m new to #goingnatural and look forward to using this site as a resource. Now, on to “transitioning styles” and what to do with this “new growth”? :D

  • Pamela: March 23, 2016

    Thank you for this information! I am newly going to natural hair.

  • Black: March 23, 2016

    Excellent information.. Looking forward to part 2.

  • KANIKA L SPEARS: March 22, 2016

    Great info!

  • Ebony painter: March 22, 2016

    Has anyone tried coconut water vinegar because I think my hair hates ACV?

  • Shami: March 22, 2016

    I liked this information and found it very useful since I am newly natural. I will be definitely sharing this information with all my friends and family who are naturals. Thanks for the tip!

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