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Hair Typing Explained

There’s no surprise when it comes to the variety of different hair types we all have, however, with so much variety, things can get a bit confusing.

Enter Andre Walker in 1997. Best known as Oprah’s hair stylist, Walker wrote a book entitled, Andre Talks Hair! In it, he laid out a hair typing system he created to “help you better understand your hair texture, take the best care of your hair and use the right products for optimal results.”

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That’s what we’re all after, right?!

His hair typing system states that straight hair is labeled as a 1 and kinky hair is labeled as a 4.

 Within this range, you have two other types:

Type 2 is defined as wavy hair

Type 3 is defined as curly hair


Hair Typing Chart; Hair Types; Hair Typing; Hair Textures


At NATURALICIOUS, we subscribe to a modified version of this system.
Here, we have two hair care editions:

  1. Coarse Hair
  2. Fine Hair

Why don’t we just use the number system? Because depending on what you’re doing (or not doing) to your hair, your specific hair type might actually fluctuate. For example: If you haven’t been moisturizing adequately, your hair may look and feel like it’s 4c. But once you begin to thoroughly care for your hair properly, you might find your hair is actually closer to 4a. To make life a lot easier for you, we categorize hair textures more generally – because even if you are teetering between 4a and 4c, at the end of the day, your hair is still kinky.

On the regular, we receive calls from customers asking how to tell which of our editions is best for their hair.

We suggest you look at the edges of your hair, as they comprise your newest hairs, typically with the least amount of abuse. Do your edges lie down like Chili’s from TLC, one of the Queens of Babyhairdom? If they lay down like Chili’s does—without much help from additional products, then we consider your hair to be “Fine.” Select our Curly/Wavy Edition for your hair found under the Fine section of our site.

If your edges do not lie as flat as hers, and instead curl up, then when it comes to our system, you’re Kinky/Coily found under the Coarse section of our site.



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