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Don Cheadle is a NATURALICIOUS fan!

This post come courtesy of our CEO & Founder, Gwen Jimmere:

Let me tell you what happened!

Last week I was on set in LA representing Naturalicious being featured on one of Showtime's top rated shows. I was minding my business when Oscar-winning actor and producer Don Cheadle walked up to me and asked, "Is this you?" (referencing NATURALICIOUS and asking if the company was mine). I said "yes". He proceeded to ask if we had anything for regrowing hair. I told  him we have our Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil which is not only our 3rd bestseller but it's guaranteed. "Guaranteed? I need that. Seriously," he said intrigued.

don cheadle

I said, "Yes, would you like one?" He said surprised, "I can have one?" I said, "Yes, but only if you take my card also." Grabbing my card, he said, "I'll see you at the card and I'll raise you to a photo." I said, "Bet". Then he jokingly said, "If my hair falls out, I'mma kill you." LOLOLOL!

Here's the money shot of Don Cheadle, his bottle of our Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil and me.

What a great time I had in LA on set.  If you're experiencing thinning anywhere, you should check it out also. :)


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