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How to Manage Your Hair On Campus

Back-to-school can be exciting and also stressful. With a new schedule, you don’t want to worry about dealing with your hair while you’re focusing on making the grade.

And, if you’re a parent, you want your child to be able to handle school challenges smoothly instead of losing valuable time, struggling with hair challenges.

So now, this is where we enter into the equation. Haha, get it . . . equation? While we aren’t the ones to provide guidance on math equations, we can absolutely help make anyone’s hair assignment easy and seamless. Our signature products can be ordered monthly to help you perfect your beauty regimen.

You can order our OooLaLocks Hair Box and have it delivered right to your dorm or apartment. And, parents, why not surprise your child with this special delivery each month?

By signing up for a subscription, not only do you save 20% on the cost of all the products you need for your hair each month, but also you’re automatically enrolled in our VIP Club, which entitles you to exclusive awesomeness available only to subscribers.

Think of these monthly goodies as care packages for you and your loved ones. They save you time and money while enhancing the beauty you already are. You don’t even have to think about buying products anymore, these just show up at your door.

Just another way we help you embrace the freedom to be beautiful.


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