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A Bikini A Day, The Butterfly Way

We’re in the thick of summer and what better way to cool down than in a thin little bikini?

Whether you’re lying on the beach, lounging at the pool or looking cute in the house, you can find a bikini a day in this fashion stash, courtesy of Torricia, designer of Mariposa Sexy Girl Swimwear, based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Torricia has always been a connoisseur of bikinis and decided instead of buying them, she’d utilize her sewing skills to make swimwear for herself. “I was getting compliments on my suits, so then I thought, ‘hmmm, why don’t I start making them for other people’,” Torricia says.

And, she wanted her line to represent tropical people and their environment. “I love Ankara print . . . I love the colors that African and people of color use in their garments and I wanted to infuse that in my line.

Also inspired by her love of butterflies, Torricia named her line, Mariposa, Spanish for butterfly. She names each bathing suit after the scientific name of a different butterfly. And, we can fly with that. Butterflies and bikinis represent freedom and beauty, perfect for our motto: the freedom to be beautiful.

Chiomara is very romantic. The bold colored flowers and blue background are reminiscent of the beautiful scenery and clear blue skies of summer. 

When it’s time for romance, you want all your bases covered. Your hair is one of those bases, so look to our OooLaLocks Hair Box to keep your hair fully charmed.

Viardi represents conceptual style. It’s modern art meeting tranquility and how it feels to walk along a palm tree scattered beach with the waves from the ocean flowing in the background.


With this pretty little number, you’ll want to make sure you’re glowing. Our Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil is great for protecting your skin while also making it radiant.

 Abyssinica Top and Mylitta High-Waisted Bottom

These pieces show how you can mix and match swimwear from my line. Together, these two pieces give off a retro style. The leopard adds glam and the yellow adds a subtle effervescence.


Retro style calls for sophisticated beauty. When it’s too hot and too much work to rub oil on your hair, stay fly and glossy with our Heavenly Hydration Hair Mist. And, a little mist on your body ain’t never hurt nobody.

Leda is a suit with an earthy feel. Its green and orange tones with the added touch of tribal print chants warm and vibrant calls of beauty.


In the beginning, there was earth. And, our beginning is that earth, Step 1, our Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment. A beautiful foundation for length retention and moisturized hair starts here. Choose either our curly/wavy edition or our kinky/coily one.

Lulia represents an exotic style. The bright colors ring true to all the colors that are represented in tropical climates. The accent of the leopard print brings it together, making a shocking statement.

Tropical style is all about moisture infusion. Coily hair thrives in tropical environments, so create lush locks with our Moisture Infusion Styling Creme.
The oranges, blues and yellows play on the colors of summer skies at sunset. The style of this bikini is classic but also very flirty.

Don’t let frizz ruin your Bianor look. Make sure your tresses are locked in with our Divine Shine Moisture Lock & Frizz Fighter keeping it safe from the heat of the sun.

haetusa has plenty of sex appeal. With its French cut top and cheeky bottoms, it guarantees the best tan lines one can get in the hot summer months. The pattern reminds me of my love of Ankara print. 

Our 100% Pure Ghanaian Shea Butter keeps your skin smooth, silky and sexy.

Torricia and her fly suits can be found on the following pages: 


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