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Keeping Your 'Do Summertime Fine

There’s nothing like summertime! Trips to the pools and beaches, while kicking it outside to soak up some sun. But what is all of this doing to your hair? Here are some tips you can use to keep your curls popping in the summer heat:

  • Summer usually equals humidity. Don’t spend hours perfecting your twist out routine just to have it turn into a puff ball as soon as you walk outside. Summer is a great time for you to explore the wash-and-go style. Simply dampen, add our Moisture Infusion Styling Creme and our Divine Shine Moisture Lock and roll out.

  • All that time in the sun may feel good but a ton of heat may not be so great for your curls and coils. So cue up the hats and scarves. Flirty hats and head wraps are definitely making a comeback. Not only are they great accessories but they allow you to give your hair a rest, as they protect your tresses from the harsh sun rays. is one of our fave new places to get satin-lined hats that keep you cool while protecting your 'do. We've got our eye on their Black Sun Hat.

  • Water is definitely our friend, especially in the summer. It’s a great way to cool off. But the chlorine and salt that comes with it is not is not quite as friendly. You can protect your hair from the ensuing damage by applying barriers to your hair. Wet hair at least 15 minutes prior to jumping in to pool or the ocean and apply generous amounts of heavy oils (such as castor oil) to the strands. It’ll help minimize the amount of chemicals in the water that’ll come in contact with your hair. Once you're done swimming, make sure you cleanse with our Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment. It naturally detoxifies and removes any trace of chlorine from your hair.



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