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Tequila Straight to the Head--Celebrate National Tequila Day

It’s turn up time! Celebrate National Tequila Day with a twist. Sure you can go out for a drink but have you ever thought of adding tequila to your wash day routine?

We found this hair growth recipe. And talk about using things from the kitchen. This potion includes one jalapeno and a fourth cup of tequila. The spice of the jalapenos helps get the blood flowing in the scalp which stimulates healthy hair growth. The alcoholic components of the tequila cleanses and tones the skin on your scalp.

While this may seem like a miracle hair growth serum, be careful about which liquor you use. Liquor with a high alcohol content can be very damaging to hair. The alcohol can strip your hair of moisture and other vital nutrients, leaving behind super dry hair instead.

But if using tequila for your hair needs isn’t exactly your thing, then it’s fine to drink, or even eat yours. Check out these bangin’ Tequila recipes on BuzzFeed. Are you going to try this Tequila hair recipe out? Let us know below!


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