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National Get Out of the Doghouse Day (w/ Printable Coupon!)

Have you been making bae sleep on the couch the past few days? Are you not returning their texts or phone calls? Being overwhelmingly passive aggressive? Come on now, you know you're ready to get back to the lovey dovey. Stop playing. 

Good news for both of you: today is National Get Out of the Dog House Day. We’ve got a couple of hints you can throw that will help you coax your boo back into your good graces. You know, sometimes they need a little guidance.

  1. Encourage them to do something out of the ordinary. Let your honey cook their favorite meal and bring it to you in bed, Tell him to put on Destiny's Child's Cater 2 U as an added bonus.  Nobody can stay mad on a full stomach with some good Beyonce and 'nem playing in the background.

  2. Have them take you a natural hair shopping spree. If you’re the product junkie of your duo, ask your boo to scoop you up all of your holy grail products, along with some accessories to accentuate your beautiful tresses.  

  3. Let them relieve your wash day woes. Wash day usually comes with stress and sore arms. Have bae help a sista out by washing your hair for you. They can get double brownie points by accompanying this ultimate wash day with roses and wine. Talk about sexy!

  4. Tell him to scrub a dub dub it down. Let them send you on an all-expense paid day to the spa. When you return, you’ll come home to a clean house, folded laundry and a wonderfully thought out apology.

  5. Talk it out. Nothing will get your love out of the dog house faster than empathy. Remind them to hear you out, but don't be brash about it. Constructive discussion will set you both back on track.

If you're not sure how to go about hinting at these, use this handy dandy coupon we've created just for you to conveniently place in a location where you know they'll definitely see it. Just print it out and use.


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