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Wash Day on Waist Length Hair: A Done Deal in Just 48 Minutes

Raise your hand if you dread wash day. Anybody? Yea, it sucks. So much so that most of us try to avoid it until the very last minute.

That’s ‘cause it takes hours, sometimes even your ENTIRE day.

But no more! We’ve got the answer to everybody’s wash day blues: it’s all inside our Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (Formerly knows as the OooLaLocks Hair Box), and it takes you from wash to ready-to-style in just ONE hour or less.

No, you’re not going blind. You definitely read that correctly.

Now, here’s where the rubber meets the road. Or rather…here’s the proof that’s in the pudding. Or, how about: here’s where we put our money where our mouths are?

However, you spin it, you’ve got to peep this video because UK beauty, Farida, (aka Curly Proverbz) hit us up from across the pond with her video proving exactly what we’re saying. And clearly, the girl has hair! A lot of hair. If there’s anyone to prove that, yes, you can go from wash to ready-to-style in just one hour, it’s her.

Sound impossible? She was pretty skeptical, too, because, as she said, “detangling alone typically takes me over an hour.” But check out her lovely mane as she goes through each of the four simple steps in our system; and notice how she detangles all that hair in just 26 minutes using Step 1 (the Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment) in our line.

So what’s the verdict? Let’s just say that she says “impressive” quite a few times.

Using the products in our OooLaLocks Hair Box, Farida is able to get her detangling done in 26 minutes and completes her entire styling process in well under one hour. 48 minutes and 59 seconds, to be exact!


And, you won’t believe the style she is able to complete in that time.

Did we mention that girl has a ton of hair?! Gorgeous.



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