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Where can I find videos of people with 4c hair?

What if I have tight and loose coils, which one should I purchase?

Can these products be used on locs and sisterlocks?

I just dyed or covered my grey-which is leaving my hair dry, are these products effective on color treated hair?

Can I use this product on my kids or babies?

Can this be used on transitioning hair?

I press and curl, can I use the product?

Are there any chemicals in your products? Or are your products made with all natural oils, herbs, etc.? What makes your coils/curls pop?

My hair has little or no curl or coil pattern; it just looks like a dry bush when it is washed and dried. Will this product help my hair curl and stay moist?

My daughter has straight and curly hair. We can’t figure it out, what to use. We are white and I noticed all the people here who have used this product are black.

Do you ship internationally?


What's the difference between the purple and the pink labels?

Are these products vegan?

What is the shelf life of these products?

Where can I find your ingredients?

I want to try before I buy the full size products. Where can I get samples?

How do I know which edition of your line is best for me?

Is this good for kids?

I'm allergic to a few things.

I am a licensed stylist or retail store. Can I purchase backbar sizes and/or retail packages?

I've heard that silicones are bad. I noticed one in listed in Step 2 (Moisture Infusion Styling Crème)? What's up with that?

What is this "1 Hour Wash Day Challenge" I keep hearing about?

Why do some of your products have alcohols? Aren't alcohols bad?

Does this product work on locs?

Does this work on relaxed hair?

Is this good for gray hair/colored hair?

How does Step 1 work as a leave-in conditioner?

Returns, Shipping, Order Details, Company Info, Etc.

What's your return policy?

Do you ship internationally?

Are you black owned?

My tracking information shows that my Naturalicious package was "Returned to Sender". What do I do now?

How long does shipping take?

What happens if I gave you all the incorrect shipping address?

The tracking shows that my Naturalicious package was delivered but I didn’t receive my package. My package was lost or stolen. What do I do now?

My Naturalicious order arrived damaged or incorrect. What should I do?